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SmartCard Technology

Smart card technology

With smart cards organisations have the potential for using a single card for multiple business applications.  This can provide significant efficiency gains by (a) requiring just a single identity token and (b) consolidating identity management processes.  However, most organisations only use these cards for one application.

Mbrite provides expertise to allow organisations to extract the most value out of their card based systems and to facilitate the use of smart cards for multiple applications.  This includes the deployment of smart card applications, the development of custom built solutions and a holistic approach to smart card management.


Smart card applications are often designed to work in isolation with little regard for other systems.  This can lead to a range of limitations from requiring a user to encode/enrol their card in multiple systems (normally at different locations) through to absolute prevention of additional applications (e.g. by sector locking).

To ensure success of running multiple applications the planning and deployment of smart card systems needs to be well structured and undertaken by experts.  Mbrite has expertise in deploying smart card applications, ensuring multiple systems will function seamlessly together and in deploying solutions to ensure card encoding/enrolment is efficient.


Through Mbrite’s expertise in Smart Card technology we can build custom solutions to meet specific business needs.  This can be as simple as converting legacy systems which use barcode or Mbrite technology across to smart cards, and can be as extensive as developing highly specialized applications to meet complex business requirements.

However, in combination with our deployment expertise and understanding of existing applications, Mbrite uses its development capabilities to streamline application usage and card management.  For example, Mbrite has experience in building solutions which load multiple Smart Card applications through the one transaction, often covertly without a person even knowing new applications are loaded on the card.  This ensures organisations obtain optimal return on their investment in Smart Card applications and technology.