Software Solutions
        Mbrite inOffice

Office Management Solution

Task/Office Management: Always open on the desktop.


  • Today’s events Connects to Outlook calendar- you can click to find more info. It shows the next 3 appointments and updates automatically

  • Message of the day allows for company wide or team division Quote or message to scroll. 

  • Quick Links connects to word doc.

  • Online Favourites allows to quick instant message within the company, you can build your own list, add you team.

  • Company Directory is updated by authorized person. You can Instant Message anyone in the company by clicking.

  • View calendar opens up your outlook calendar.

  • Tasks: You are able to assign work tasks to your self or team member. When clicked completed the # of tasks counts down.

  • The Help Desk Shows instructions for Voicemail and other equipment instructions. For equipment problems such as a malfunction printer Mbrite inOffice sends a task to the LAN Administrator.

 Employee Handbook

  • Company Policies

  • Time Sheets

  • Vacation book off

  • Medical Plan Info

  • Guide

  • Forms

Mbrite InOffice Product Architecture

Mbrite inOffice will include task management, instant team messaging and appointment management solutions.

·        Chat in real time to colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers.

·        Send files, email addresses and URLs.
Leave messages and/or files to people who are off-line.

  • Chat in a multi-user environment.

  • In connection with MS NetMeeting you can also use voice, video and whiteboard functions in a peer-to-peer environment, thus further enhancing Mbrite's own features.

  • Keep your agenda with a Reminder/To-Do List

  Mbrite InOffice Product features

  • Reply to specific messages and create conversation threads

  • Retrieve your user list from the server at any time from any place.

  • Send files to off-line users, plus Mbrite remembers location of all sent/received files

  • Keep accurate records of your conversations: The unlimited message history is on-screen at all times

  • Export all logs to HTML or text format.

  • Incredibly light, only 755Kb, but with all the features you need

  • Built-in quick reference clipboard.

  • Search messages by date, content, length, type, and 9 more options

  • Unlimited amount of profiles on the same computer

  • Create groups within groups for large amounts of users

  • Visibility groups that control who sees your online status

  • Extensive drag & drop support .

  • All information is sent and stored in encrypted state

Mbrite has a number of unique and highly beneficial features not found in any other Instant Messaging software.

1- Multiple conversation threads
2- Message templates
3- Extensive Search
4- Low resource consumption
5- Dual mode Operation (Internet/Intranet)
6- File Sending
7- Multi-lingual Interface
8- Multiple profiles

09- Microsoft NetMeeting support
10- Drag and drop support
11- Sophisticated clipboard
12- Plugins
13- Multi-user chat
14- Complete authorization control
15- Dual TCP/UDP support
16- SOCKS (Firewall) support
17- Miscellaneous



Multiple conversation threads

Messages may be "replied to" in order to mark two or more messages as belonging to a conversation thread. These conversations threads may be marked, then deleted, exported or "dropped" onto another user.

  • Toggle between single- and multi-line message displays

  • Off-line messaging (messages can be queued for later sending when not connected) Marking of messages

  • Query mode - recipient has to answer/reply-to that message

  • Quick selection of conversation threads

  • Exporting of messages into Text and HTML format

  • Straightforward URL and e-mail activation

  • One-click saving of received files

  • Colour marking of messages for easy separation

  • History window may be exported as text or HTML

  • Messages can be protected to avoid accidental erasure

2- Message templates
You can create your own message templates (forms) in HTML and send them to any user or group in your list. This way, repetitive message requests, i.e. for restocking of stationery, ink cartridges, surveys, patient details, stock taking, are both consistent in format and content.

3- Extensive search
You can search your messages using a number of filter conditions, i.e. incoming/outgoing messages, URLs, files, size, date range, content.

4- Low resource consumption
Mbrite's executable size is less than 600Kb and uses very little machine resources: A very important issue when you're working and need all the power your computer can deliver.

5- Dual mode operation
Mbrite includes both Intranet and Internet mode for accessing the private server or the public Internet server. Both modes may be used simultaneously.

6- File sending.
Mbrite may send files to off-line users.

7- Multi-lingual interface
After you select your language, Mbrite will adapt every time you select your profile. No application restart required.

8- Multiple profiles
For those who share the same machine, Mbrite will keep their options and preferences, including language, skin and user list. Mbrite adapts instantly to the changes.

9- Microsoft NetMeeting support
This means that as a Mbrite user you can use NetMeeting's voice, video and white board functions without first having to connect to a NetMeeting server. All the communication is handled in a peer-to-peer environment. NetMeeting is free of charge and available to everyone.


10- Drag and Drop support
Easy to use drag & drop: Messages, URLs, files, etc. maybe dropped onto users to have them sent. They can also be dragged to/from the clipboard, and users can be invited to a multi-user chat by dropping them onto the chat window.

11- Sophisticated clipboard
Mbrite has a sophisticated Clipboard, which can take up text, files, URLs or e-mail addresses, the latter three "hot". These items can be organized in any manner fashionable and copied between users and applications. The Mbrite Clipboard saves you valuable time and helps you get the most out of your communication experience.

12- Plugins
This is the strongest feature of them all! A powerful support system that enables Mbrite to act as a plugin and application service provider for 3rd party applications.
With this, Mbrite may be extended to add simultaneous web browsing capabilities, online games, IP voice, interface with cellular phones, etc.
The unique IPC system allows developers to add messaging capabilities to their own products with almost NO programming and an incredibly small library that includes encryption and file transfer!
It is only limited to what third parties can devise, because plug ins on Mbrite are separate executables that result in a loose yet efficient coupling and portable source code.[Read more]

13- Multi-user chat
Mbrite can act as a chat server for quick meetings between several users. The host easily invites users; dragging users onto the chat list does this. Users can customize their colors, and the chat log can be stored for later retrieval or reference.

14- Complete authorization control
A user decides who sees their IP and e-mail address. The "Selective Visibility" feature is UNIQUE; it extends the basic "Invisible" mode and lets you decide who (Friends, Work Group, Family) will see your real online state (busy, working, friendly, etc.) on a per-person or group basis.

15- Dual TCP/UDP support
Mbrite's engine can use TCP and UDP, configurable. UDP reassembly routines are built-in and the protocol may be changed without restarting the application.

16- SOCKS (Firewall) support
Mbrite support SOCKS V4 in TCP mode.