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        Mbrite inBusiness

Business State of Health

Aids in implementing management practices like EMF & MGI

Supports corporate focus on direction, accountability & delivering results

Recognizes the many stakeholders involved and supports keeping them informed and meeting their information needs in real-time.

Simple tools, limited investment

Quick and easy implementation

Qualified implementation specialists

Increases credibility

Increases visibility

Demonstrates responsible and open management






Performance Measurement provides the stakeholders with the information required to determine the degree of success of the efforts of all concern. It proactively provides alerts so that risks and issues can be addressed before they become a crisis. Performance measures are rolled-up in a dashboard style so that senior management can quickly ascertain the health of the a company and can quickly focus in on problem areas in a minimum of time.



Mbrite inBusiness is a repository for collecting, storing and managing the vast amounts of corporate information needed to effectively manage and control the direction of a company. Ongoing management of information creates a knowledge base for all aspects of departmental performances, which can be measured. Performance measurements completes the loop for creating a learning environment




Measures the status and performance in real-time.

·         These departments include:

·         Sales,

·         Accounting,

·         Marketing,

·         Human resources and customer service.


This reporting tool will visually show with graphs and charts:

            • Employee turnover,
            • Budgets,
            • Sales/forecasts,
            • Over expenditures,
            • Project status,
            • Employee availability and much more.