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Voice Over IP Phone Service InstantOffice®

Helping Retailers use Voice Communication to Create Competitive Advantage
Most retailers are adept at managing customer interactions at the point of sale (POS) and on the Web, but they struggle to handle the phone calls that stream into their stores every day. With InstantOffice, you can create a true voice channel to effectively manage these voice interactions across your entire network of stores. In turn, voice helps you achieve key business goals such as increasing same-store sales, enhancing customer loyalty and reducing operations costs.

Voice: An Untapped Opportunity

Incoming calls to your stores represent valuable opportunities to earn your customers’ business. But when the phone rings, you only have a few seconds to:

  • Impress callers with your responsive service
  • Provide information that moves the caller closer to a purchase
  • Highlight promotional offers that can boost store traffic
  • Offload routine inquiries from busy in-store associates.

Unfortunately, most retailers have little control of the hundreds or thousands of calls that come in each day. They don’t know who’s calling or why. They can’t efficiently direct callers to the best resource or highlight special offers. They can’t tell whether the caller had a successful outcome or how the store might improve its response. Even worse, of the 150 to 500 calls a typical retail site receives daily, call abandon rates of 30 to 40 percent are common. Some organizations have abandon rates that exceed 50 percent. Calls may be picked up by wrong departments, placed on hold and abandoned or routed into dead-end voicemail. Every abandoned call erodes potential sales and customer loyalty.

These shortcomings can be traced back to one source: a legacy communications infrastructure that is complex and costly. Legacy phone systems typically consist of many disparate devices and voice applications, which makes them very difficult to integrate, deploy, manage and support in a multisite environment. As a result, the traditional communications network cannot meet today’s basic business needs for efficiency, flexibility and value.

The New Channel: Voice Services

Vertical Communications has changed the landscape with the Vertical InstantOffice communications platform. Designed for retailers with hundreds or thousands of stores, InstantOffice consolidates voice, data networking and voice applications on a single integrated platform. The result - you can track, manage and optimize voice communications as a distinct sales channel to support your core business goals.

Explore a few of the many features & benefits of the Vertical InstantOffice system:

Advanced Call Handling
Business Intelligence
Reporting Tools

Take a look at the applications that Vertical InstantOffice has to offer:

Multisite Reporter™
Multisite Manager™
Voice Server™