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Mbrite inProject

Software Solutions Architecture

 Mbrite inBusiness and Mbrite inProject Software Architecture

 A set of simple and practical tools that people can use in the day-to-day activities of delivering IT services and addressing requirements in areas such as:


Enhanced Management Framework

Management of Information 

Access to Information  



Configuration Management


Mbrite inProject is a repository of information required to support delivery for projects. Mbrite inBusiness is a repository of information required to make informed decisions to support corporate direction. These tools provides coaching and assistance to implement complementary processes. Mbrite’s inBusiness and inProject will be the next generation of business management.


The value of Mbrite inProject


Aids in implementing management practices like EMF & MGI

Supports project focus on accountability & delivering results

Recognizes the many stakeholders involved and supports keeping them informed and meeting their information needs.

Simple tools, limited investment

Quick and easy implementation

Qualified implementation specialists

Increases project credibility

Increases project visibility

Demonstrates responsible and open management


Mbrite InProject Work Flow

 Inputs to the Project Office Repository come from the government regulatory environment and the program. This provides the foundation for the service delivery. Project governance and accountability information from project management records the day-to-day project activity data in the repository. Performance data from the configuration management system and operations completes the data inputs.

Results rolled up to status dashboards and performance measure dashboards, which keep stakeholders informed on the state of health of the project. Stakeholders provide feedback that is used to tune the entire system.


On a daily basis, project governance and accountability information must be collected, categorized and managed to support IT service delivery, make informed decisions and support business, legal and accountability requirements of government IT projects.