Mbrite Biometrics



Biometric SmartCard

Biometric Fingerprint ID Software



Mbrite replaces the existing password-based authentication system that are prone to be stolen by illegal users with the most advanced biometric authentication. It will provide the higher security and convenience in the authentication solutions.

Mbrite has developed Biometric certification systems to solve various identity and authentication problems.
Mbrite can manage Biometric information (Fingerprint) through internet and principal confirmation is applied on necessary portion.
You can  register Biometric Fingerprints using the Biometric Fingerprint mouse, stand alone unit or  Biometric Fingerprint smart card.




Perfect security : Fingerprint information that it is whenever use - change,
                         encryption of Fingerprint information, SSL communication.

Easy portability : Various Database(Oracle, MySQL, mSQL)/Operating
                         System(Windows, NT, Linux, OS/2) is use possibility
                         being developed in Java

Device independency : Can make use of various Fingerprint appliances by
                                  design that is not subordinate to specification
                                  brand's Fingerprint device.

Various application : Mbrite can be applied for various fields ;
                              Internet shopping mall, Internet banking, security for
                              building, residential districts and private houses.
                              Crime tracking, harmful website protection, etc.





general user

* Biometric Fingerprint registration
* Biometric Fingerprint change
* Service certification


* System

- Database administration : now
  administration about active database
- Cache administration(on/off, reset
  function) : User, Group, Service different
  Cache use setting and supervision
- system environment setting : server
  URL, port, various server environment
  setting administrations such as path
- License administration
- Certification level administration

* User

- inquiry and delete

* Group

- Unit group generation and delete
- Hierarchical structure creation
- Group user administration
- Group user administration
  (allocation, migration)

* Service

- Setting that do group service right of

* Log

- Log search : Date/user/event log
  search and inquiry
- Log BACKUP/restore

* Administrator
  Biometric Fingerprint









Mbrite Server


More than Windows 95

Multi Platform(Linux / NT/Solaris etc.)



More than Pentium 800MHz/k6


More than 16M (Recommended 32MB) /20MB (Browser Install Capacity)

More than 256MB / 1GB




Web Server


Orion Server

Web scribt


Java Servlet, HTML, SQL


Internet Browser




More than Oracle V8.5 / MySQL / mSQL etc.