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All of your non-spam email is placed into your Spam  inbox, which you can access using POP3 or IMAP from your email program (such as Outlook or Eudora) or from any web browser using our powerful webmail system. 

Mbrite Email Authentication Server allows you to pre-define who is allowed to send you mail.

You can authorize specific email addresses, domains, and mailing lists, either manually or using our import tools.

Email Authentication Server also provides you with disposable email sub-addresses, which allow you to receive messages from unknown senders and automated systems without exposing your real email address.

Pre-Configure your authorized and blocked senders, domains, and mailing lists.
Emails from unauthorized senders are held in your "unverified" folder for seven days.

You can access these emails at any time by logging into the the Spam Arrest website, and can manually approve any senders from whom you wish to receive email.